About Us


We are a family run business who work very hard to provide a wide range of fun, novelty, personalised products.

We started the business after we were looking for a door sign for our own daughter. After much searching, we didn't find anything suitable, so decided to make our own. After receiving some great feedback from friends and family (who all requested we make one for them) we started to sell our products on eBay.

After a few months, we decided we could offer a much better customer experience from our own website, allowing you to personalise the products at the moment of order, and have confidence that the design you choose would be a true reflection of the sign you receive.

This also allowed us to promote our "Create your own doorsign" product, providing the customer with a draft of their desired sign, before commiting to purchase.

We are continually looking to expand our range of quality personalised products.

We are always open to any suggestions and really appreciate the feedback we receive from our satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact us at.